Andrey Voznesensky



(Translated by Alec Vagapov)

November 2000

First  Dedication






All drawings done by Andrey Voznesensky

First  Dedication


The site reminded me of the reflection
of a cathedral. It was striped. I float.
I was on line. Beyond the cogged erection
the " love you" viruses were blooming. Quite a lot!
I was on line. It was by far more real
than the Mossad or… Zoo. I was on line.
Mozart was floating upside-down, like a reel,
up on the piano.
And the site was mine.
I was on line. Like little Saturns
the raviolis were hanging up on height.
My hope seemed venturesome, all of a sudden.
It was my site.
I thank You once again, oh God,
I am allowed to enter the satanic paradise,
or rather hell, - it's stuffy - I am out,
I'm on your site,
how nice!
And if you, thunder-stricken, cannot bear
 this upside down facade
 don't come to play, if you don't care
 about my site.
I'm somersault of my inverted Motherland.
I'm a clown, and it is cranberry,- not blood.
We're sick and tired of purges. It’s so hard.
I am on line.  Speak out, land.
You have become the love of my existence
determining the living of my loving instance.


Andrey Voznesensky,
"The Virtual  Wind'"


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Second Dedication


You're lost. I say on oath.
I'll save it in my soul. It's true.
One seventh part of earth
 with such a tiny name as "ru".




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Third  Dedication




Andrey Voznesensky.

Poems. Translations. Essays



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Chat 1


As I run out in the morning
I look around and I view:
beyond Rublyovsky  Highway - there's ru
and in the wood where berries grew- there's ru 
Corrupted, dishonest-   ru
reproved and disparaged - ru
the steering wheel, rudder -  ru
the name of Vrubel has -  ru!
Repeated stupidity – gee!
I scan it  in the wind and I see
the ECG[1]  of double u
www and dot and ru
I like three w and dot and ru.
www-three boats of  Rurik's?
and the accordion at night?
the song about  cows? All right?
3 crowns and surety
the CIA and GRU[2]

have  shaved us all like planks.
At night  my t-shirt flies up in the sky
oh my!
waving like mad forth and back
along with messianic ru alias  of Bach!
Is Ru so bad?
New York, Beirut and Kaunas cast spells.
They steal at home  like nowhere else!
We scold ourselves when we're abroad!
We steal,
but save our souls and pray to God.
www. a foreign
‘I’ll crush you’- yells the




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Chat 2


States are governed by cooks. Look out.
Boys and girls are on line all this while.
There is nothing disgraceful about  
hacker’s valour and hidden smile..
What goes on in your heart, hacker, lass? Final specialised class?
No, it’s worn chrysopaz.
And despite the protective charters
crystal lenses get tired, alas.
Hairdresser  gets half of your salary
for the hair you wear so happily,
 “Death to trash”, stylish hairdo,
as you leaf through  the pages of Harper’s
like a piggy you breathe,  yes, you do.
In your cardiogram there’re hackers,
pretty lassie among them, too.

www.CityLibrary.Pushkin ru
www. roulette.
Or betrayal of wicked  guru?



Andrey Voznesensky

of  Stradivarius”


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Chat 3


Take care!
Don’t smash them glasses-
Casts of busts  of Antoinette
The interior of terra incognita
Are defined as the Internet
Your clean-shaven PC engineer,
what on earth did, in fact,  he assume?
He was daft to’ve adorned the interior
with the medical sketch of the womb.
It’s an object of tender affection
like  a red, purple map of his  land,
doesn’t look like the imitation
of an  office, important and grand.
He‘s a profi, a leech, well I never!
Like a baby, a hairless man.
He’s “inspired”-  you see? How clever!
Well begun!
“It’s disgusting! Symbolic! Capacious!”
The abused and insulted wall
shuddered angrily with indignation
tumbling down and  taking a fall.
Pink as soap, a soul or some spirit
From within Kamasutra whined:
“Inner life! Never try to play with it !
Inner world! Never look inside”.
And  his skull was a-shaking , which followed
by the gush of the ring in his ear,
and we saw by the wall it was swallowed.
Oh dear!
First the skull, then the leg disappeared
in the stony and mortal game.
It was long till the stone-work appeared
to be calm and quiet again.
Where are you crazy boy,
 where’re are ye goin’ to?
Comet rain will be next, you bet?
The interior of terra incognita
is defined as the internet.

 mouse looks for a  hole –




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Chat 4

 (without RU)


I am without you
It’s like being without ru.
Venus dressed in kaftan
will be changed to Kafka[4]
They rob and (ru)in like nowhere else
(ru)blyovsky Highway.
“Look for yourselves!”
“I haven’t  earned on  rhymes a single  (ru)ble”.[5]
“A mermaid sits upon a branch”[6]
Don’t trouble.
 I spoke to the
begins at home” -
Maria Antoinette.
I am a lonely ru.sail.
How much is Mercedes-Benz?
Or should I say just …Benz?
ina’s the girl of my dream.
They admire Newton’s
 binomial theorem.
What is on?
TV and so on.
To:  Judge Advocate General
(copy to : district attorney)
“As far back as in 1994 I invented the alias “Ru” (ru) and had it published. I herewith request to make up for moral damages for plagiarism which, by my estimate, is  1 rouble for each  ru”.
You’ll be the first…
 To chat.
Don’t drink alone.
“Fatigued by spiritual thirst”[7]
What if you choke like Dovlatov did?
Now, lads,
Read it and envy me
I happen  to be
A citizen of the United Chats[8].




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Chat 5


You love me so,
you love me, love me so!
with injection of drug in your heart,
taking off heaps of skirts you go
to acquaint me with nudes, soft and hard.
You are freedom of my subjugation
You’re  in bilberry field again.
Having rubbed in some pitch  embrocation
you explained me the rules of the game.
There is tremor over the burdocks
and the fields,  no access to paint.
And your  breath disappearing, faded

you, my ru,  can’t  be manually made.


Andrey Voznesensky





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Chat 6


Night. Chelyabinsk[9].
Belts in hand, as a rule.
For my friend
 I will fight  to the bitter end!
”It’s my granny. Vocational school.
And the buckle with letters “ru”.
Buckles whistle. Come on! Smite and beat it!
Buckles sullied, to blemish the face.
On the Day of the Holly Spirit!
Buckles welded with led, just in case!
Street fighting! Revenge and requital!
(The front porch with shingle is littered!)
It’s revenge for the beggarly life.
We’re a  fist when we all get together
All are friends, - like birds of a feather.
Face in mud, - not in tart or custard.
Someone’s floating up there on high,
winded round by  the buckle of bastard,
helicopter,  a lonely guy.
Buckles carve stripes and streaks in the air
that are not  “double u” , -  far from it.
Well, it’s me who snarls down there
from beneath of somebody’s feet…
Speech is bleeding lively and spirited
with just one decent word which is “…sites”
up above in celestial vicinity
Motherland is saluting with lights
Where are you off to, ru?





Chat 7


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The woman spun woollen thread
The man caught fish with a net.
No extraterrestrials in the NET.
The countries for which they are bound
are not to be found.
One has to be fed
to become red.
I like Nescafe with caviar, do you?
Neither w, nor double u, nor ru.

There’s no “kittycat” for the kitty
It’s a pity.

The turkey cries in the yard:  boo!
before execution: 
Skuratov [11]wears  a funny bonNET
No kiNETic skeletons in the cabiNET.
We’ll be caught in the NET by Kio[12].
We’ll be caught in the NET by Moskino.[13]
We’ll be caught in the NET by Goskino.[14]
Chaff and daff in the NET? 
There is nothing of what is on sale.
He’s got nothing to eat. All is stale. 
No mono ten
No to ten 

my neighbour said.

It’s autumn. Monetization.
The bat doesn’t pay
for illumination.
New cabiNET thief imposes “NO”
(In Russian it’s “NET”)
His forelock down on strings,
Somebody sings.
The plaNETary tears are shed
by Bashmet.[15]
Independence is verification
for piety and exaltation.
Bonaparte left a three flap cap.
Had we only left jubilation
of “Triumph”, that  trick off the map,
it would have been an endeavour!
Uncommon? What if for ever?
The artists are selfless there
ignoring the dirty squabble,
one doesn’t   guzzle and gobble,
and stars  are willing to pair.
Where nevertheless
Bashmet  will impress
the genius Menshikov
who likes  mastication.
Christ rules out retaliation.
The woman, the artist’s   representation,
will  convert InterNET  into

Leaves, in alt, setting out discomfort,
will descend on the fields of rebirth.
Sleeping there, smelling and truffled
is forgiving and   pardoning earth…
Do not urge my half-chiselled  ru
to mutiny! No, it won’t do!
A hacker, Bashmet’s one time  student,
grown up, mature and prudent,
forces open  the code of the bank
-just for fun, like playing a prank
Talents strive for the good, they do:
I sign a letter to the Tsar. I do!
“we are losing a talent” – I say.
Open the, pray!
- For whom is -
what dreams does mosquito  dream?
viRUs.mosquito, ru
mosquito and comma ru



Chat 8


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The blade of  Gilette flashed.
Hey boss, put your pistol away!
The “tough guy” violently slashed
throwing out the guts on the tray.
Like a bucked of purple pearls,
or people in the underground
the inside, all  steaming,  hurls
the guts and bowels  all out.
Enjoy Russian style hara-kiri.
The boss will be put to shame!
 It‘s disembowel therapy, really.
Guts on the table! It’s much the same.
They won’t understand, either Russian
or Yiddish. There’s a way :
pulsating miscarriage is dashing
onto the table, eh?
The soul percolates and leaches.
The dog  made a dash for the guts.
The doctors will put in stitches. Nuts!
Holin, I’m sure you’ll be able
to remember -oh bosh ! - all this.
When throwing the guts on the table -
the desk, that is.
The female cops will scream,
a veil beneath the mask:
- whose chat is it? Whose teem?
-It’s  Ru.
 My task.




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Chat 9


Lay sisters of order of  hackers
  have sleepy  night-owl eyes.
Young girlish lady in khaki
assuming a zombie guise.
The child of the network facility…
Some milk for the harmful work.
You keep up your soul’s   viability
by using non-standard word.
At heart you are tough and molded.
Heated girl, with math in your head.
You can speak up straight from the shoulder,
say what cannot be quietly  said.  
Is it sexual terrorism? Dullness…
Like a beautiful insect, the soul,
quite obscure and alien, struggles
in the butterfly net, in a hole.
Mini anger is stirring within you
like it happens in every head.
Just two uncommitted murders,
and yesterday’s pillage instead.
You’ll laugh with derision?
You’ll jump down the roof? Play a trick?
Unlettered and conscious decision
like a mouse, to fingers will stick.
And then you will feel so wretched
that starting to play  Macintosh
you’ll shout : I bury the hatchet.
This net! Let it perish. By gosh!
I am through.
Let’s read the original. What?
Oh my God!

 We’ve forgotten the dot!

And we haven’t yet rhymed
the black mini-hole
(What the goal-keeper sees
 in his dreams)
What is goal? It’s delay, eh?
Or your prank? Or your lark and  horseplay?
Or the mouse starts the game
by upsetting dots again.
Turning it into dash?
Or trash?
Beyond the fence some flowers grew.
Up to now they’re  laughing like beasts.
Ivan the Terrible is having a feast
Kaligula is like Shura[16]
and these
are as like as two pees.

We shall yet get through, ru!




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Chat 10


www bound in faggot
is a dangerous black light, you bet.
Thorns and prickles turned upside down
are defined as the Internet
Just like Christmas-tree decorations
these brand-new  www things
are like  stainless and spotless   relations
on the forehead of human beings!


- For whom –
does the
Wheels a-missing,  barking  like beagles,
every hour, as if by convention,
(“Jede Stunde” in German translation)
the containers loaded with prickles
will be bound for the  ru” destination.
What are mosquito’s  dreams ?
Common room?



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Please, forgive me, you fellow traveller
of present-day festive calvary.
You’ll get all you want and enough.
I am off.
I’m Ophelia of dirty realities.
The ophthalmic-crystal looks show.
I am off the official formalities,
I have ruined your life entirely,
to ashes, as stated above.
I have been to Boldino timely,
yes, I have.
Generations and humans
Blok [17] and Blake[18]  have one woman.
Moses leads generations
I’m off to my last destination.
Forgive and forget  if you can.
Falling  stars lashed against  perforated colander. Cool!
Don’t be naive to believe in free download, fool.
I am a stable woman
in our unstable times.
high treason, betrayal of humans
are my charms.
The envious lying
 of raiding line
is a  thing that happens off line,
off life.
The attorney’s  morals have plundered me all.
Upon my word!
I run into you, heart and soul
 of the World.
I’ll break their rules of the game.
Those Boyars[19]  again!

With Pushkin I dashed to “Yar[20]”. Uh-Uh!

I’m ru




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I love you, I love you
I love you! I do!
All talented scoundrels
Are smashed by your genius, ru!
Your hounds have torn up my calves,
and now when I burn anew
the following letters arouse:
your name
Shareholders enjoyed celebrations,
like Orwell’s hogs taking pleasure in you
avoiding Public Relations,
You have saved me and kissed.
Never better!
Therefore when I pass away
I will code  the initial letter
Let them call for the whole world to hear
When they fly in the heaven of blue.

Little  cranes ever flocking up here








[1] ECG – Electrocardiogram

[2] GRU – Chief  Intelligence Department in Russia

[3] Kursk – Russian nuclear submarine which was wrecked in the  Barenz Sea in 2000

[4] Kaf·ka  Franz, 1883–1924, Austrian novelist and short-story writer, born in Prague.

[5] “I haven’t  earned on  rhymes a single  (ru)ble” – reference to Mayakovsky’s poem
[6] “A mermaid sits upon a branch” – Reference to Pushkin’s poem
[7] “Fatigued by spiritual thirst”  -  Reference to Pushkin’s poem


[8] I happen  to be a  citizen of the United Chats – reference to  Mayakovsky’s poem on Soviet Passport:
      Rread it and envy me I happen to be
        A citizen of the Soviet Union”.

[9] Che·lya·binsk - A city of western Siberian Russia, south of Sverdlovsk. Founded in 1736 as a Russian frontier outpost, it is a major metallurgical and industrial center. Poulation, 1,096,000.


[10]  THE TALE OF THE GIRL DARN FISH  -  reference to Puschkin’s  literary work

  “The Fairy Tale of The Fisherman and the Golden Fish”

[11]   Skuratov – Chief of  repressive machinery under Ivan the Terrible  in the 14th century

[12]  Kio -  famous Russian magician and conjurer

[13]  Moskino -Administrative body of Moscow city  Cinematography

[14]  Goskino - Administrative body of all - Russian  State Cinematography

[15]  Bashmet – contemporary Russian musician and composer

[16]  Shura -  common Russian name, short for Alexander (also:  Shurik,  Sasha)

[17]  Blok,  Aleksandr Aleksandrovich. 1880-1921. Russian poet. Considered Russia's greatest symbolist poet, he is particularly noted for his lyrics, verse dramas, and long poem The Twelve (1918).


[18]   Blake, William. 1757-1827. British poet and artist whose paintings and poetic works, such as Songs of Innocence (1789) and The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (c. 1790), have a mystical, visionary quality.


[19]   Byar  -  A member of a class of higher Russian nobility that until the time of Peter I  headed the civil and military administration of the country and participated in an early duma.


[20]  Ba·bi Yar  -  A ravine outside Kiev , the Ukraine  where the Jews of the city were killed by German troops in 1941. The massacre is commemorated in Yevgeny Yevtushenko's 1961 poem “Babi Yar.”


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